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The only conference focused wholeheartedly on the needs of today's independent artist.

The only conference focused wholeheartedly on the needs of today’s independent artist.


“The CD Baby DIY Musician Conference is the best, most engaging, most relevant music conference we have ever attended. It is a critical resource for the independent artist. The panels were informative, encouraging and enlightening. The knowledge we acquired continues to play a colossal role in the expansion of our online presence, social networking and the growth of our community and career. An absolutely incredible experience that will leave any artist feeling fueled and supported with new tools and new friends!” - Scarlett Flynn, Running Red Lights

“The DIY Musician Conference is a must for anyone who wants to take their career to the next level, on their own terms. You WILL leave empowered and inspired to achieve great things.” - Ryan Van Slooten

"The CD Baby DIY Musician conference was very uplifting and it was energizing to be around so many dreamers and go-getters. It kind of felt like when I went to music summer camp as a child; the freedom of being away from a world that tells you what you want to do can’t be done, surrounded by mentors who have proven them wrong and new friends going through the same battle. I highly recommend this conference to indie musicians." - Christina Coleman, Trumpet Grrrl

“The magnitude of this experience has been amazing. It exceeded my expectations beyond belief. Bob Boilen said I was his favorite new discovery. I’m on clouds. The DIY Musician Conference changed my life.” - Ahi

"The CD Baby Conference is a must if you're an Indie Artist who is serious about their career. The speakers present the latest trends along with tried and true processes for success. The really kool thing that separates this conference from others is that those same industry pros attend other sessions, and are generally accessible. Some even do one-on-one mini consultations! I've been to both conferences, and now have new family members all over the world! See you in Nashville!" - Sean Ardoin

"My band The New York Rock has showcased at a handful of other music conferences. We learned that most conferences are more about the industry folk networking for themselves. With the CD Baby music conference, it was a conference FOR the artists. I personally learned more in that weekend than in the last 10 years of my career. The panels were aimed to help independent artists succeed. There was NO ego.” - Mike Brindisi, The New York Rock